Archive | December, 2012

Your Best Interest

26 December

  When was the last time you and your team met around just one question…‘What’s in the  best interest of the organization?’   This is a question that is required of every organization that runs on the John Carver Governance model and should be the discipline of every organization, its leadership and its employees. It […]

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Outstanding! Connect and Impress

20 December

  First Connect then Lead Cathy (my wife) and I recently spent a few hours over a terrific meal with friends of ours. We were celebrating his recent appointment to a senior vice-president position of a global engineering company. I asked him what he thought was the critical skill or talent that the decision makers […]

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Leadership Success = Care & Communicate

18 December

  Take Care of Your People In a recent address to a large group of executives the former CEO of a remarkably successful airline company with a sensational corporate culture, addressed several organizational culture issues that every leader must pay attention to while at the helm of an organization no matter the shape, size, or […]

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‘Simplize’ Your Life

13 December

    Simple Simple is not easy! Simple is not a check box on a to do list! And simple is definitely not something that an organization arrives at accidentally. In a culture where multitasking and multiple streams of revenue are heralded as the brass ring of success, working toward a simple organization almost seems […]

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Free Up Your Senses!

11 December

Have More Play In order to appreciate corporate/organizational culture it is important to ‘take a look under the hood’ if you will of what is happening to the way we think, create, understand, and work. Daniel Pink in his breakthrough book ‘a whole new mind’ lays out an important case for why executive leaders must […]

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3 Things You Need to Know About Failure

06 December

  Research by Dr. Martin Seligman shows that failure and the self imposed limitations we place on ourselves as a result fall into three primary areas.  When We See Ourselves As Defective The first Dr. Seligman calls ‘personal explanation’ where failure brings one to the conclusion that something is ‘wrong with me’. From infancy we […]

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Power of Focus

04 December

  “Focus is all about blocking things out.”   Mark Jung-Beeman, Associate Professor of Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience Program Department of Psychology Northwestern University   What if you could be 50-60% more effective in your personal life, social life and work life? Well according to research on multi-tasking over the last several years you can be! […]

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