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EQ Leadership & Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm

30 January

Are you going on faulty data points? Leadership EQ: Geoffrey Moore suggests that the tendency for leaders is to either spend time trying to convince ‘laggards ‘ to buy into their product/service or spend time hanging around ‘enthusiasts’ getting re-affirmed about how great they are. The hard work of moving from one critical market segment to […]

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Preston Manning Interview with Lee Primeau

29 January

  Preston Manning Interview with Lee Primeau Manning Centre for Building Democracy 514 11th Avenue, Calgary, AB November 28, 2012 LP: Good morning Mr. Manning. First of all let me congratulate you on receiving the MacLean’s lifetime achievement award; and that’s, that is again the ongoing esteem and admiration that Canadians have for you and we […]

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Leadership WHY

29 January

  WHY, plain and simple The role of the business leader and that of his/her colleagues is to create a culture where what you do is tied into why you do it. The ‘why’ makes all the difference in energizing an intrinsic motivation of your employees and  teams to align to the objectives of the […]

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Leadership Resolutions for 2013

08 January

 Make These 5 Ways to Kill Innovation a Thing of the Past for 2013 At Leader_Shift Inc our experience and research shows over and over again, the reality is that it is in our nature to lead with ‘black hats’. Either mindlessly, emotionally, or due to sheer fatigue and battle weariness in business. CEOs, business leaders […]

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