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Communicate, Connect, Make Contact!

26 February
You are fired!

Cathy (my wife) and I recently spent a few hours over a terrific meal with friends of ours. We were celebrating his recent appointment to a senior vice-president of a global engineering company. I asked him what he thought was the critical skill or talent that the decision makers saw in him that they choose […]

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Business Startup Crime Scene

11 February

Startup Crime Scene   A Caution to Your Startup Business  Startup Suicide: Being Married to your Core Your ‘Core’ business, if successful, can become so much of a focus that any other risk ventures, potential business, or options can be ignored at the company’s own peril. Sooner or later ‘Core’ business focus will disappoint. The […]

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Myth of the Heroic Leader

06 February

Dead Poets Society & Leadership Mythology An excerpt from Lee’s soon to be released book, Keep The Change: 8 Essentials of Leadership Dead Poets Society & The Myth of Heroic Leadership In the 1989 film Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams we are taken into the conservative and upper class Welton Academy in Vermont. The year […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Scoring Against Yourself

04 February

Stop Scoring Against Yourself!   Consider these facts provided by Steven Covey: Only 37% of people have a clear understanding of what their organization is trying to achieve and why. Only one in five is enthusiastic about their organization’s goals. Only one in five have a “clear line of sight” between their tasks and the […]

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