Archive | May, 2013

5 Soft Skills to Succeed

31 May

How to turn a fast-food restaurant job into a career! A Remarkable Encounter I have a client whose receptionist I’ve only met a couple of times. Her first impression was epic! Personable, engaging, efficient, professional, and very kind.  The second time I was at my client’s office I actually found myself curious as to her […]

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Are you Lying Right Now?

15 May

These days the word ‘authenticity’ comes up, a lot, in books, at seminars and from leaders. True to form many pay homage to the idea of being ‘authentic’ and attempt to be ‘authentic’ themselves. But what exactly does it mean to be ‘authentic’ as a leader? Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines authentic as; worthy of acceptance […]

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‘Fog of War’ is a Leadership Challenge

14 May

The ‘fog of war’ relates to the reality that no matter how well organized, planned and prepared you are on paper after the first shot is fired, whether it be a literal bullet, marketing campaign, business plan, business launch, the best preparation is for the unexpected. Wikipedia defines fog of war as: “…the uncertainty regarding […]

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