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  “Its amazing to experience the Leader_Shift Inc ‘WAY’! To be personally impacted by relevant, meaningful, effective material and coaching.”


Is the founder and president of Leader_Shift Inc. Lee is a hands on owner who personally works with individual leaders and groups providing superior executive training and coaching skills. Personal Leadership Assessments, developing and understanding corporate culture, communication skills, team dynamics, implementation abilities, systems, and core leadership traits are some of the areas Lee provides for his clients.

With both a strong knowledge and experience based in the area of leadership Lee has been responsible for training thousands of leaders to work effectively in cross culture contexts, and extensive experience in international leadership personally. Lee has experience in all aspects of transformational leadership that has led clients to improve their personal and business effectiveness.

Lee has, for over 20 years, worked with small, medium and large business in the areas of strategic planning, culture development, mission statements, clarification of objectives, coordination of teams, and corporate focus. Whether in the field of oil and gas, technology, commercial development, professional services, Lee’s clients have experienced ‘Leader_Shift’ transformation in the multi-million dollar amounts.

Lee has two earned degrees, B.A. and M.A. He is in demand as a public communicator both from a technical and motivation aspect. He is the co-founder of  a security technology company that analyzes business technology needs in the cloud space.

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