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Converging Circumstances: Keys to Succeeding in Challenging Times

28 March

Converging: “to reach the same point coming from different directions” Converging: “a coming together from different directions, especially a uniting or merging of groups or tendencies that were originally opposed or very different” Leadership calls upon some basic and repetitive characteristics known as “Immutable Attributes”, which are: Vision Integrity Perseverance Courage Innovation Risk Taking As […]

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Fighting the Five Enemies of Unity

14 October

For Troy Meachum, owner of ACR Supply Company in Durham, North Carolina, the thought of vacation was anything but relaxing. It’s not that he didn’t love getting away, it’s that he dreaded returning to a desk full of problems and team members who weren’t getting along. Troy knew something had to change, so he rolled […]

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4 Skills Needed in a Crisis

08 October
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OODA I spent the majority of my leadership experience traveling with and training individuals and teams to work internationally in some of the most remote and arduous places on the globe. The sickest, the poorest, and the most deprived situations anyone could ever imagine or be in. The emotional, psychological and physical toil called upon […]

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5 Ways to Lead from the Heart

01 October
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   Leading with the Heart When my parents opened up business in New York City and I was attending Southeastern University I’d visit my parents and hang around the Big Apple. During the months I was there I would sometimes catch Rudy Giulinai on an evening radio program where, as a regular, he would be interviewed […]

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6 Principles: Tom Peters Says it All

24 September
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Sidebar: The Peters Principles Themes covered in Tom Peters’s book, Re-imagine! 1. Destroy to Create Forget about Built to Last. All companies, Peters says, are doomed to failure. Better to completely destroy your own company from the inside and remake it in a new, bold and creative way than fight old battles with old ideas […]

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Convergence: Getting Your Leadership Act Together

12 January

Convergence by definition is a coming together of necessary elements in order experience an optimal effectiveness. Leadership must experience ‘convergence’ in order to function at the highest level and greatest effectiveness.  Watch now: 5LDRSHFTConvergence

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Digging Deep to Lead

05 January

In leadership to get to your preferred future there are many landlines that can result in second guessing, getting distracted, or giving up altogether. It takes a reaching deep down and recalling the leadership conviction that motivated you in the beginning. Watch now how to recall your leadership conviction. 10LdrshpConviction

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Are You Ready to Lead?

29 December


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Nurturing a Healthy Team Environment

19 December

Organizational behaviourists have identified the key components of what makes a business successful. Although these components are a shared responsibility it falls upon the leader’s shoulders to identify and implement those health traits. A) Do you know what they are for your business?, B) Have you made it your top leadership exercise to focus on […]

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The Leader as Consultant

02 October

  What Are You Really Being Asked to Do? What are your clients really looking for and wanting from you as a leader? While the answer most of the time is “our competence of course”.  What in truth they are seeking is someone to provide a solution to a challenge, a problem, a set back […]

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