An Executive Training Program designed to provide quality training and content in order to create excellence in leadership. Leader_Shift

“I want to emphasize again how great it was to have you lead our strategic leadership meetings in China and Thailand…your contributions were of great value in helping us to move forward.” 

Effective, Customizable, Profound

leadership consulting training

leadership consulting training

Effective: Leader_Shift has developed eight areas of focus that provide the context for leadership and organizational success. The Leader_Shift Circle© moves from modules dealing with self-leadership and contextual issues toward best in class leadership material. The aggregated curriculum is a distillation of the best primary sources available today for leadership development. Customization: Leader_Shift Inc. has built its training system around the schedule of the busy executive and his/her team. Level I & II are each twelve-week long sessions held for two hours per week. Full customization options are also available with intensives, work shops, corporate retreats and personal coaching/training. Profound: Under performance in executive leadership costs companies millions of dollars. Turn over, moral, & productivity are all impacted by the lack of continuing leadership development.

Leader/Executive did you know…

  1. 5.7 Xs return on leadership training investment in Fortune 1000 executives. (The Manchester REview, 2001)
  2. 529% return on executive training in Fortune 500 companies. (Executive Briefing: Case Study on the ROI of Executive Coaching (Merrill C. Anderson, Ph.D, MetrixGlobal, LLC)
  3. 17-35% increase in performance of S&P 500 stock companies who, “spend agressively on employee development” (Harvard Business Review, Mar 2004)

The Leader_Shift Inc Intention

Vision: to see executive leaders and their organizations permanently transformed into successful people/companies beyond what they could ever dream or imagine. Mission: to provide the best material available on personal/organizational leadership in a dynamic environment so that clients will be transformed into peak performance individuals/leaders. Values:
  • Change: Discover, engage, explore and gain perspective that allows change to occur.
  • Relevance: Passion about being a differentiator in a meaningful and purposeful way.
  • Sustainable: Create intrinsic motivation that will stand the test of time and challenge that life and business face.

The Leader_Shift Inc Promise

  • Engaging & Effective
  • Participatory & Collaborative
  • Image Rich Multi-Media
  • Content Driven

Leader_Shift Inc Sample Course Offering

Leader: In Context: Self-leadership, leadership styles, and ‘real world’ application of unique PFLS (Preference For Leadership Style). Leader: Cultural Icon: Understanding corporate culture, where it comes from, how it impacts an organization, how to identify and create culture. Leader: Conviction: Discover what it takes to move through stages of implementation of vision, identify where your leadership and organization are presently & creating a sequenced path to the future. Leader: Communicator: Inter/ intra personal communication tools, understanding the dynamics of human behavior and communication. How to take vision and strategy and bore it down into the layers of your organization. Leader: Team Sport: What goes into building a team, developing an agenda for teams, identifying outcomes and keeping team on track. Organizational behavioral concepts for organizational health and success. Critical Processes for a Strong Organization: First build your organization then fit the right people into the right areas of responsibility. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Understanding systems. Executive Level Leadership Traits: In the study of leadership there are immutable attributes to apply for success. This module takes and in-depth look and those attributes.. Discover the secrets of the successful. Breaking the Relevancy Barrier: Setting the executive’s leadership agenda, identifying the behavior and characteristics of executive leadership, and creating a permission granting mindset for success. What Others Are Saying… “We truly appreciate and value the opportunity we had with you in Alexandria, Egypt…your outstanding communication skills allowed you to easily develop a connection! Your exceptional training materials will certainly help us function as effective leaders and influencers… your knowledge, experience, and attention to detail were instrumental in leading us through some difficult issues to find creative and innovative solutions.” Jed Lacroix, Co-Founder of Ideal Business Solutions “…Leader_Shift and particularly Lee Primeau, assisted us in stepping back to review our strategic roots, gain clarity on our future, set objectives, identify priorities, and improve team dynamics…your professional facilitation was excellent.We have gleaned significant value by utilizing your services and will look forward to a continuation of future sessions with you.” Larry Mielnichuk, President Genesis Building Corp “I want to emphasize again how great it was to have you lead our strategic leadership meetings in China and Thailand…your contributions were of great value in helping us to move forward.” Grant Abraham, ED Asia Span Free Introductory Session Contact Leader_Shift Inc now! Inquire about Leader_Shift Inc’s availability for;
  • 3-month/2 hrs per week programs
  • Week Intensives
  • Seminars
  • Personal Coaching/Training
  • Public Speaking
  • View/download LDRSHFT Brochure here:  Leader_Shift

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