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Leader_Shift Well Worth Anyones Investment

“Lee has excellent communication skills and his delivery method is second to none, in a understanding capacity. Lee’s passion and knowledge is why he is successful in all his ventures. Lee is well rounded and gets his points across at all levels! His Leader_shift course is well worth anyones time to improve at a Professional level, or just on a Personel level.”
Gregg Biggs, General Manager, Robert B. Somerville

Relevant and Fresh

“…the executive coaching classes that you facilitated were excellent. The material discussed was relevant, fresh, stimulating and presented in a way that encouraged great group interaction…your facilitation of the discussions was outstanding.”
Dave Taylor, Director of Operations, Emerson Process Management

Outstanding Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Throughout your presentations, your outstanding interpersonal and communication skills allowed you to easily develop a connection with people. Your exceptional training materials will certainly help all of us begin to function as effective leaders and influencers in our organizations.” 

Jed Lacroix, International Business Solutions, Alexandria Egypt


Excellent Use of Media/Professional Facilitation

“Please accept this letter as an expression of our gratitude and my deepest endorsement of the work you have done for us…Leader_Shift and particularly Lee Primeau, assisted us in stepping back to review our strategic roots, gain clarity on our future, set objectives and identify priorities, and improve team dynamics. This was accomplished through your professional facilitation…where excellent media was used to reinforce the subjects being discussed…we have gleaned significant value by utilizing your services and will look forward to a continuation of future sessions with you.”
Larry Mielnichuk, President Genesis Building Corporation

Great Value

“I want to emphasize again how great it was to have you lead our strategic leadership meetings in China and Thailand…your contributions were of great value in helping us to move forward.”
Grant Abraham, ED of Asia Span

Succinct and Expert Information

“The Leader_Shift Course is at once a call to re-embrace one’s mission and purpose with passion, a leadership presentation that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of Stephen Covey and John Maxwell, as well as succinct and expert information on how an individual or team can lead relevantly and adroitly into any context in a short amount of time…I will continue to use Lee in my organization.”
Steven Fry, Nashville, TN. Author/Composer

Greatly Contributes to Personal and Corporate Success

“I have benefited immensely from the Leader_Shift Course. The LS-Coaching has greatly contributed to my arsenal of personal and corporate success tool kit. To have Lee as a personal coach continues to motivate and develop in me the needed area of focus and practical application required to succeed.”
Lorne Gray, C.E.O., Aircraft Canada Inc.

Integration of  Vital Information

“People skills, technology and systems are the three basic building blocks for every successful venture. Lee understands and integrates all three in Leader_Shift Inc.”
Kay Smandych, Canada West Lands Survey Limited

Practical and Useful

“The course content is outstanding as is the relevance and currency that makes the application of the knowledge immediate…you can go out and implement it right away!”
Glen McCaughan, Senior Partner  Impact Management Consulting Group

Strong Leadership and Teaching Skills

“My husband and I have worked with Lee over the past several years in various capacities. We have not only admired his strong leadership and teaching skills, but his ability to nurture and develop leadership in others. We always look forward to collaborating with Lee and his organization whenever possible.”I’m very pleased to recommend my friend and colleague Lee Primeau to you.

Cherie Minton, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President at Hope Force International

Commitment to Clients, Sincere Concern, Understanding

“I have known Lee for many years now and have been privileged to benefit from his outstanding knowledge and insights regarding leadership and organizational development. Lee’s commitment to his clients brings with it his sincere concern, understanding and determination to serve their needs…Lee’s sense of humor and winning nature enable him to gain trust, confront issues and equip others to discover their own capacities for growth and success. He’s a great friend and I’m honored to know him and work with him.”

Jeff Ling,  Clearview Community Church DC
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